Hollings w/ Lilac Milk

Sat, May 11 - 9:30 pm

Hollings started singing at the age of 5 in the forest of her backyard in Georgia. She was trained in choirs and an arts high school in Atlanta. She started her first band Beat the Grid with other Ithaca College music students at 19 years old. A spacey dance-rock blend of funk, afrobeat, and jazz, their first album was released in 2013, and promoted nationwide by AAM, Inc. They lived & played in NYC from 2012-2015.

For the last 7 years, Hollings has regularly performed with rock, electronic, and reggae projects (such as Double Tiger and The Crucials), and written vocals for electronic & hip-hop with artists EtherealMade GroceriesGlass Meadow. She is also featured on soundscape artist Nathan Moody's album A Shadow No Light Could Make

Hollings is a luminous presence in the electronic music landscape, creating immersive soundscapes that tantalize the senses and awaken the soul. Her voice weaves through complex layers of sound, inviting listeners into a world of dreams, passion, and otherworldly beauty. Her solo debut “Necromancing” (2018) is a rock dream & a siren's call to surrounding spirits, produced and performed with members of Big Mean Sound Machine. She's debuting a new band this season with players Zach Rohrer, Jeremy Bussman, and Tristan Ross.

Hollings performs as a solo electronic artist, studies psychedelic therapies, and plans unique events in NY with her company Siren Styling. Her most recent single "Fragments" was released October 27. Stream. She's been working on a stronger electronic sound, with new 2 singles coming later this year. 

Cover: $10 or $5 w/ Student ID