Edge & Babi Loud

Fri, Feb 16 - 9:30 pm

Edge and Babi Lou, a dynamic Haitian American music duo hailing from upstate NY, are the embodiment of musical versatility. Their captivating journey began in 2020, uniting their talents to create an astounding array of music, ranging from the captivating beats of Pop and R&B to the soulful tunes of Indie/soft rock and the rhythmic verses of hip-hop/Rap. This all due to a wide range of influences from Kanye, B.o.B, and the Migos, to Nirvana, Billie Eilish, and Oliver Tree. With an impressive portfolio of over 30 tracks released under their self-funded label, Sakapfet Records, this duo has showcased their dedication and passion for their craft. The culmination of their hard work resulted in their most recent EP, 'Endless Summer 2', a musical masterpiece that has resonated with audiences, garnering an impressive total of over 132k streams since its June 2022 release.

Their impact extends beyond the digital realm. Edge and Babi Lou have left an indelible mark in the physical world, securing a billboard spot in downtown Binghamton for their EP release, solidifying their presence in the music scene. Through their electrifying stage presence and memorable performances, they have gained praise for their catchy hooks, ensuring a positive and lasting impression on every stage they grace. Edge and Babi Lou's artistic journey is one filled with promise, talent, and an unwavering commitment to music that is both diverse and uplifting. As they continue to captivate audiences and grow their fan base through their unique blend of musical genres, booking this dynamic duo is an opportunity to experience an unforgettable and vibrant live musical experience.

9:30 doors/ 10:30 show
$10 or $5 w/ Student ID 

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Cover: $10 or $5 w/ Student ID