Grateful 4 B.I.G.: Live Band Mash Up of Grateful Dead & Notorious B.I.G.

Sat, Nov 25 - 9:30 pm

"Grateful 4 B.I.G.”: Where Grateful Vibes Meet Hip-Hop Flow! 

Step into a world where time-honored melodies collide with urban poetry, where the rhythms of yesterday's legends unite with the beats of a modern era. Introducing "Grateful 4 B.I.G.," the ultimate mashup tribute that seamlessly blends the Grateful Dead's signature grooves with the lyrical genius of Notorious B.I.G. Get ready for a sonic journey that defies genres and sparks new musical dimensions.

At the heart of "Grateful 4 B.I.G." lies the powerful fusion of two iconic forces. The Grateful Dead's ethereal harmonies and improvisational magic interweave with Biggie's slick rhymes and storytelling prowess, creating a tapestry of sound that resonates with fans of both worlds. Each performance is a dynamic celebration of musical innovation, where "China Cat Sunflower" meets "Kick in the Door," and "Shakedown Street" flows seamlessly with "Hypnotize."

Led by a group of passionate musicians, "Grateful 4 B.I.G." captures the essence of both the Grateful Dead and Notorious B.I.G., paying homage to the legacies that shaped generations. With electrifying stage presence and the soulful vibes of the past, this tribute band invites you to revel in the familiar while experiencing the thrill of the unexpected.

So, whether you're a classic rock enthusiast curious about hip-hop's allure or a rap aficionado looking to groove to some legendary tunes, "Grateful 4 B.I.G." promises an unforgettable ride. Join us as we bridge the gap between two of American greatest cultural movements of all time, creating a musical experience that proves true artistry knows no boundaries.

$10ADV/$15DOS or $10 w/ student

Cover: $15 // $10 w/ a Student ID