Roots Collider w/ Grub

Sat, Feb 3 - 9:30 pm

Night 2 of RootsCollider's "Massive Heart On 2024 Tour"

Doors - 9:00 PM PM
Grub - 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM
RootsCollider -11:30 PM to 1:00 AM

RootsCollider is an "Underground Funktronic Dance Rock" band from Rochester, NY that uses a studio producer's approach to writing original music. The group creates their art primarily by layering melodies, rhythms, and samples made in Ableton with an anthemic riff rock approach. Think of if Rage Against the Machine & The Beastie Boys went to an illicit warehouse rave and collaborated with all of the DJ's from EDM's golden era of the 1990's.

Sharing the Stage - Bands

- Sponge
- Conspirator (Disco Biscuits, Lotus, RAQ, Pendulum) (3x)
- LouLou Ghelichkhani (Thievery Corporation)
- Dub Trio (Matisyahu, Griz Live Band)
- DrFameus (Disco Biscuits)
- Sunsquabi
- Jimkata (3x)
- Max Creek
- BioDiesel (Johnny Rabb)
- Brothers Past
- LITZ (3x)
- Muscle Tough
- The Werks
- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (2x)
- RubbleBucket
- Aqueous
- Sophistafunk (4x)
- Broccoli Samurai (2x)

Sharing the Stage - DJ's

- Kill the Noise
- Girl Talk
- Diesel Boy
- 12th Planet
- DJ Logic

Sharing the Stage - Festivals

- Camp Bisco
- Disc Jam Music Festival
- Night Lights Music Festival

Sharing the Stage - Performers

- Jack Brown - Vocals - Sophistafunk - 2014, 2023
- James Searl - Bass - Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad - 2022
- Mike Ganzter - Guitar - Aqueous - 2022
- Michelangelo Carruba - Drums - Turkuaz, Cool Cool Cool, Remain in the Light, Ryan Montbleau Band - 2022
- Craig Brodhead - Guitar - Turkuaz, Cool Cool Cool, Remain in the Light, Ryan Montbleau Band (2x) - 2019
- Dylan Savage - Guitar - Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad - 2019

Magazine Features

- “Bands on the Rise” - Relix
- “Unsigned Bands” - High Times


Grub is a multi-genre trio capable of delivering funk-driven madness, improvisational bliss, and shoe-gazing glitch-o-matic electronic soundscapes.

Grub is a true wildcard in today's music scene. With the intent of drawing in music-lovers of all sorts, the boys continue to push the envelope in modern musical expression.

Their original catalogue can be described as uniquely inventive, adventurous, and welcoming to new listeners. Each song showcases a seamless blend of genres such as funk, psychedelic rock, electronic, hip-hop, metal, and reggae amidst a pop-esque composition, so there are elements on the table for all. A live Grub performance showcases their original tunes as well as their improvisational chops, while captivating the crowd by teasing dancy and nostalgic covers from over the decades.

Cover: $10 or $5 w/ student ID