Twiddle Pre-Party w/Dapper Dan!

Fri, Apr 13 -
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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Dapper Dan is a funk-rock band at heart, however they incorporate a heavy reggae vibe with elements of folk and country.  Dapper Dan is a four-headed beast where each member’s influences morph together to create a powerful, yet tasty cosmic stew.  Bassist Nate Cowles has a deep love for the funk and his slapping skills combined with the forceful and unique rhythms of drummer Spenser Blinn and “sci-fi sound-scaping” guitarist Steve Bassi take the jams to a new place entirely.  Guitarist, lead vocalist, and songwriter Tylor Hubbard shreds the blues and delivers his songs with the soul of a Rasta man living in the Mississippi Delta.  While Dapper Dan is a melting pot of musical styles, it is hard to pinpoint just exactly what their sound is.  They are rock, funk, reggae, jamband, country, and most importantly, when mixed all together…something completely fresh and original. Dapper Dan plays all over the Finger Lakes bringing their funky reggae space party jams to new listeners throughout New York.

Cover: free!